Monday, 28 July 2014

Cross Stitcher magazine August 2014, number 282

I have a soft spot for Cross Stitcher magazine.  My interest in cross stitching was rekindled in 1991 by a new magazine called Needlecraft which covered lots of different types of needlework. Croos Stitcher was launched shortly afterwards as a magazine dedicated to cross stitching and I still have every copy.   It was a great success so of course other magazines were launched, many of which have since closed as interest in cross stitching peaked and started to wane.    A couple of years ago Cross Sticher relaunched with a new look and approach which wasn't popular with everyone.   The designs changed, they included more ways of using cross stitch and it became generally less cute.   I loved the changes and it is still my favourite UK magazine.   I believe that World of Cross Stitching sells more copies so mine isn't the view of the majority.

There are some issues which don't have much that appeals but the latest issue, August 2014, was a classic for me with its of designs I would love to stitch.  If only the free gift was more time ......

I even like the cat cushion which is on the front cover though I'm not a cat person and I haven't actually added it to my to do list 

This set of designs by Emma Congdon are exactly the type of design I love.  Emma specialises in designs using lots of different and interesting fonts.   This set has a cake baking theme with a piece stitched onto an apron, a happy birthday cake band and a fabulous bake a cake picture.

Love the idea of stitching in other shades of a diiferent colour.  Chocolate browns and beiges would be scrummy, or shades of lemon......   My needle is starting to twitch.

The next design to catch my eye is very differ   A floral heart in bright colours which reminded me of canalware painting.   Love the finish in the box frame.   And no backstitch which is always a deciding factor for me.

Although the next set of small designs I picked out have lots of backstitch because they are black work designs using coloured threads.  Again I really liked the finish in the hoops..  My favourite is the umbrella 

Then anothe Emma Congdon design using words.   This time it's a wine bottle to stitch onto a bootle bag.  Fabulous and what a brillianr gift 

Then a pair of cushions.  I love making cushions and these designs by Durene Jones really appeal.  They are simple but striking  and I love the shades chosen.  Makes me wish I had a beach hut just to display them.

And finally I loved the article and designs for Broderie Suisse (also called Amish embroidery, depression lace and chicken scratch).   Instructions on how to make the book cover and  pencil holder are included.

All in all a great issue for me.

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