Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Advent Blog Hop December 22nd

I haven't blogged in a while and when I saw the email from the lovely Jo about her Advent Blog Hop I htought that wasw just the thing to get me started again.
However "Man proposes, God disposes" and if I thought I had been busy then December has been nothing short of manic.  It has been almost a needle free zone with many other things taking priority. Luckily I did finish and mail a Christmas card for a small exchange I organised.
This is the card I sent
It's a design by Joan Elliott from an old magazine

This is the card I received in the exchange.  He is so cute   I love snowmen and have a display of them as part of my Christmas decorations so this little fellow fits right in

I also finished a Christmas design which was stitched in October/November.  I mounted it onto to a hanger by Rico which I bought from www.artsanddesigns.com
I highly recommend this site - great service and prices

The design was a freebie from Le Chalet des Perelles http://perelles.canalblog.com

I used my favourite DMC variegated thread 115 and DMC blanc on 32 count opalescent raw Belfast linen.  It was a really enjoyable stitch.

Jo has asked if we have any Christmas Eve traditions.   As I have always been working on Christmas Eve I'm afraid my traditions are wrapping the last of the presents for the children/grandchildren, prepping the veg for Christmas lunch and attempting to get to bed at a reasonable time.   Not very exciting but for our family the excitement starts on Christmas Day and includes Boxing Day as we celebrate both days (and have Christmas lunch both days).

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas however you spend it and a happy, healthy and stitch-filled New Year.