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I've been stitching for decades so have accumulated a lot of UFOs over that time.  Mind you I have also completed a lot of pieces - there is barely any space on my walls, I have a separate collection of stitched items that go on display for Christmas and I have lost count of the pieces I have stitched for babies, weddings, new homes and for general gifts.  Not to mention the various exchanges and round robins I have taken part in.or the 2nd couch which is covered with stitched cushions which have to be moved when we have visitors to allow space for them to sit or the Christmas stockings I have made for special family members (12 Shepherd's Bush and 3 Lizzie Kate at the last count).

So this chart really appealed to me.  Not only that but the message on the front of the chart pack summed up how I feel about my UFOs.  I don't see them as a problem.  My stitching is my hobby and is one area of my life where I can set the rules and deadlines so I don't stress about how many I have.

What's the main reason that projects I start become UFOs?  It is usually because something else comes along which either I need to prioritise because it is needed for a specific date or occasion or I get absorbed in another project and concentrate only on that.  It doesn't help that I also do other crafts such as patchwork and quilting, stitchery, scrapbooking and card making though none of them to the same extent as cross stitch which with the addition of other counted stitches will, I think, always be my first passion.

There are a small number of projects which become UFOs because I fall out of love with the design but there aren't many of these.

I intend to start listing my UFOs here and in time move them to the WiPs section and eventually to the completed page.  I have made an effort over the past couple of years to complete some UFOs with some success - in 2014 I have completed the stitching on:
Needlework ABC  - this is actually framed and hanging on the wall

Pair of Elegant Ladies - in the completed projects drawer while I decide what to do with them

Geisha needlepoint piece - needs to be made into a cushion

So in no particular order here are some of my cross stitch UFOs:

Don't Panic and Carry a Towel

Iris (on painted fabric)

Cottage Garden Sampler

Welsh Dresser

26 Stitches

Tango Dancers

Fairy Moon

Daffodil Sampler

Reindeer Runner

12 Days of Christmas Stitchery Wall Hanging

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