2014 WIPocalypse

October Update
8th October 2014

This month's topic is:
Are you a Halloween or Christmas stitcher?

Here in the UK Halloween isn't such a big thing as it is in the USA although it is becoming more and more popular and certainly the big shops and supermarkets like to encourage us all to spend for the occasion.  I am stitching one Halloween themed piece - French Country Witch by JBW Designs

Christmas though is one of my favourite reasons to stitch.   I love to stitch Christmas stockings as well as small ornaments and coasters.  I don't stitch many cards as I don't like the idea that they are discarded at the end of the season.   I usually stitch something new for my home during the Christmas period which will be framed and displayed the following year.   My stitched and framed pieces and my Christmas cushions, coasters and ornaments are a big part of my Christmas decorations and I love getting them out each year.  These are the new pieces that will go on display this December having been framed this year:

WiP Update
September has been a busy month with lots of family celebrations - 2 christenings, an 18th birthday and various "normal" birthdays as well as some new beginnings - start of "proper school" and start of university.   Which is my way of saying that I haven't done as much as I would have liked but there are never enough hours in the day or days in the week.  Eight Days a Week was always one of my favourite Beatles songs................................

For the 2nd month in a row Dominque has been totally ignored.  Poor lady - I hope she isn't taking it personally.

My "small" for the Smalls SAL is very small indeed but was a quick unplanned stitch as a gift 

The motifs are taken from a needlecase kit I bought at a Craft Show last month by a new company called Itching to Stitch.   It is stitched on tea dyed linen with DMC threads and mounted in a plastic coaster.
I stitched a little on the Carpe Diem piece before moving to the K coaster. 

I should have gone back to Carpe Diem but started a different design for my October small - French Country Witch by JBW Designs.  The fabric is hand dyed opal evenweave from Polstitches and the hand dyed cotton thread is Nevermore by Jodyri Designs.

So that will probably be my only Halloween themed stitch this year.

I made a start on my square for LoveQuiltsUK
I should be a lot further on but I have had to "reverse stitch" twice.  First of all I started in the wrong place and then I miscounted on the 2nd figure I started.   Good thing the deadline is November though I thought I would be well ahead on this one by now.

I've added a new WiP to my list - Christmas Village by The Prairie Schooler
It was given to me by a friend who was having a clear out and decided she wouldn't ever finish it.  I love it and have made some progress

This is the piece when I was given it 

This is where I am now

It's stitched on antique white evenweave with DMC threads 

The Way to Happiness by Jardin Prive has had a couple of hours' stitching - I love this piece and am really enjoying stitching it.

 The fabric is actually white and the threads are Threads by Nina 

I've also not managed any time to stitch on Stitcher's 12 Days of Christmas 

So all in all not a particularly productive month.  I hope to do better for next month's update........

October update ends
September update

This month's topic is:
Who is your favourite person to stitch for, or do you prefer to keep your stitching yourself?
My simple answer is: anyone who will appreciate my stitching and the amount of time they take to produce.  Just in sheer numbers this means that I keep most of my pieces for myself (and DH who enjoys seeing my stitching displayed around the house).   However I do stitch for others - for special occasions such as births, weddings, anniversaries and at Christmas; Christmas stockings are a particular favourite of mine and I have stitched 13 Shepherd's Bush stockings and 3 Lizzie Kate stockings for people I love and who I know bring them out year after year.  I also love taking part in exchanges and round robins with other stitchers as there is no one like another stitcher for appreciating time and effort.  Of the 15 stitched pieces I have completed this year 5 were gifts. 

Progress on WiPs in August:

Dominique has not had a single stitch completed - she is probably feeling rejected.

Better news on Stitcher's 12 Days of Christmas

I've finished the cross stitching on Three Stitching Frames (but not the back stitch) and started on Two Sewing Birds.   Love this design and am looking forward to finishing it for this Christmas.

Hearts and Kittens Wedding Sampler 
Finished.   This was my priority for the month so pleased.

Meeting the bride soon to discuss framing options.

The Way to Happiness is coming along nicely.  I love using the Threads by Nina


Have chosen a pattern and pulled the threads and fabric but not started stitching yet.

Smalls SAL

I finished my Small for August using a design by The Primitive Hare

The Small for September is Carpe Diem using Jodyri Designs hand dyed thread on Polstitches hand dyed fabric

Now that I have finished one of my WiPs I really want to start on another piece .........

September update ends

I have only just found this blog with the wonderfully titled

2014 WIPocalypse

I have joined in as there is no deadline.  It's August so I will curb my enthusiasm and set my goals for working on the following WIPs for the rest of the year.

Small print disclaimer - I reserve the right to amend this list as the mood takes me and something leaps onto my MUST STITCH NOW list or a new baby, a wedding, an anniversary etc comes along.

There aren't many rules for this SAL other than posting progress on the following dates (with optional topic comments)

September 9 – Topic: Who is your favourite person to stitch for, or do you prefer to keep your stitching yourself?
October 8 – Topic:  Are you a Halloween or Christmas stitcher?
November 6 – Topic:  What are your favourite and least favourite materials to use in your stitching?
December 6 – Theme: Recap your accomplishments for the year! (Your finishes, your final before/after photos, etc).

So in no particular order my WIPs for 2014 are:

Dominique by John Clayton.  Started a long long time ago and forgotten about until I was having a bit of a sort out last year.  Since when I have only added a few stitches so really want to make some progress now.

Stitcher's 12 Days of Christmas by Sue Hillis

I originally wanted to finish this for Christmas 2013 but I needed to finish a few stockings and this got put away.  Would love to complete it for this Christmas.  It is stitched on white opalescent Cashel linen with DMC threads.

Hearts and Kittens Tree which will be made into a wedding sampler by adding names and date.  It is stitched on 28 count white silvered evenweave with a background design of pastel coloured hearts using DMC threads.

The Way to Happiness by Jardin Prive  - this is the pattern

I have only spent one evening stitching on it.  I am using hand dyed cottons from Threads by Nina which is a brand new to me.  The chart is free but I bought the threads from the site.  Really like the way they are stitching up.

I have signed up to do a square on the theme of Superheroes for a LoveQuilts quilt 

Has to be completed by 30 November 2013 

And finally I have also joined the 2014 Smalls SAL hosted by StitchingLotus so I will be stitching one small design a month.  These are the check in dates for the rest of 2014

  • August 27
  • September 24
  • October 29
  • November 26
  • December 31

This month I am stitching a free design by The Primitive Hare 

Stating the obvious it will be made into a pincushion!

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  1. Lovely work, love your oldest project, she will be so pretty when she's done and the 12 days of Christmas. I've been looking for a neat chart to do for the 12 days, other than stockings I've not done a lot of Christmas theme stitching. Maybe it's time to start LOL