Monday, 25 August 2014

Fabric and threads from Jodyri Designs

On Saturday the postman brought an envelope of wonderful goodies - hand dyed fabric and threads from Jodyri Designs who is new to me.  I was introduced to her fabulous goodies by the great stash enabler MrsMilkyBarKid

Decided to place an order for the August limited edition fabric and threads which is called The Milky Bar Kid.   I chose 25 count Lugana and 28 opal linen and they are gorgeous.  Shades of pink, blue and yellow.   Not sure what to use them for yet but will have great fun deciding.

Here are the threads

This is the Lugana 

This is the opal linen which is much brighter so although the 2 pieces are the same colour in the range they look very different due to the different way that fabrics take the dye.


  1. The threads are very pretty, I especially like the reds and purples. I wonder what you will stitch on the fabric?

  2. That was my thought when I saw the fabric - I loved it but nothing immediately came to mind for stitching on it.
    However I have a single colour design of a swirly butterfly that I think might work.
    Watch this space ........