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WIPocalypse Update 4 February 2015

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February 4 – Topic: How do you overcome that feeling that you’re in a rut with a particular project?

This topic set by Measi who runs the Wipocalypse is quite relevant to me this month though I don't think I have a proper answer.

I have one WIP on my list which hasn't had any progress made for months (Dominique by John Clayton)   I did get it out when I was sorting out projects for January but I'm just not inspired by it.  I don't know why and I don't have any suggestions for how to get out this rut.   I have always been a stitcher who likes to have lots of projects in progress and in planning and this sometimes means that one or two become UFOs.

My philosophy is that this is my hobby, not my work and so I make the "rules".   Ultimately if I have fallen completely out of love with a project and know I will never be inspired to stitch it I will remove it from my stash - give it away or possibly sell it if it's something like an unused kit.   My stitching group has "swap and sell" sessions a couple of times a year where we all take along fabric, patterns and other supplies we no longer want and swap or sell them to each other.  Very little money exchanges hands but it's a fun couple of hours and always illustrates the maxim of "one woman's junk is another's treasure".    

So what progress have I achieved this month?  January was a month of new starts due to me deciding to take part in 3 SALs all of which started this month.

Please accept my apologies for the fact that some of these photos have already featured in other posts as I am in multiple groups.

I did manage to finish Christmas Village by Prairie Schooler which is now at the framers.

It was stitched on antique white evenweave using DMC threads and was given to me by a friend who had stitched part of it and decided she would never complete it.  I was thrilled with it and really enjoyed stitching it.  I've only stitched small PS designs previously but could definitely be tempted by another of their larger designs.  They are a nice relaxing stitch as they use a limited palette of colours with very little confetti or backstitch.

The Beehive Roll by Shepherd's Bush which was gifted to me has now become a WIP.   Not a lot of progress to show but I had to juggle quite a few projects this month

SAL number 1 is the Mirabilia SAL organised by MrsMilkyBarKid via her YouTube channel.   The only rules are that stitchers started the Mirabilia pattern of their choice on 1st January and posted updates on YouTube (flosstube), Instagram (using the hashtage #ytmirasal2015) or their blog.

I chose At the Met and really loved the stitching I managed.  It was a real wrench to put her down and move onto the next SAL project.

The fabric is Autumn Blush Cashel linen and I am loving the way the Caron Waterlilies silk glides through the fabric.  There is a lot of black (5 skeins!) so I decided to use Anchor 403 instead of DMC 310 as I think it gives better coverage.  Otherwise I am using the recommended DMC, Waterlilies and Krenik threads plus Mill Hill beads.

SAL number 2 is a year long project which is released month by month.  It is the Zodiac Sampler by Cloudsfactory       January's release was Capricorn.

The yellow circles which are a feature of every month are stitched in DMC satin thread and as I suspected I am not keen on using it as it is slippery.  Thread Heaven is helping but it's a relief to move to the DMC or WDW sections.  As you can see I haven't completed all of this month's pattern.  The fabric is by The Crafty Kitten and is called Twilight Shadows.

SAL number 3 is another year long project with monthly installments.  This one is The Story Time Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery 
January's story was Alice in Wonderland - very appropriate as this is the 150th anniversary of the publication of the book.

The first  month also included the banner and the frames for the whole sampler so I was able to start in the middle of the fabric - always my preferred option.

I had originally ordered some fabric from Sparklies which I thought was close to the recommended Picture this Plus fabric used by the designers.  I had thought that either Cancer or Charcoal Slate would be suitable but when I tried the WDW threads which are used for the frames the pale green (Sea Foam) just disappeared.  Instead I used a piece of Misty Morn cashel which was already in my stash and am very happy with it.  I would never have chosen it from the website where it looks to have too much lilac in it which just goes to show that buying fabric online is a real hit and miss affair.

I am also taking part in the Smalls SAL and stitched a little birthday card for a friend who loves tea.

I also stitched a small scissor fob using silk ribbon embroidery for the Stitch from Stash group

My 2 other Christmas WIPs haven't had much attention in January.

Apologies for the repetition of the above 2 but it is bound to happen when I am taking part in more than one group.

I have Merry & Bright in the office for the odd lunch break when I can stitch 

Let's Find Rudolph hasn't had a stitch added.

Finally - and well done if you have made it this far - I made a bit of progress on The Way to Happiness by Jardin Prive 

Not a lot but I have completed section 3 (of 5) by adding the sheep, basket and bunny.

This is where I was at the beginning of the year:

  and this is where I left it 

The folds in the linen tell their own story - it has been folded away for too long.   As has Stitcher's 12 days of Christmas which was also neglected this month.

I'm looking forward to reading about the progress of everyone else.


  1. You sure worked on lots of things this month - I love your SALs, and the other projects as well of course :)

  2. ♥ beautiful stitching ♥

  3. Such interesting projects! Your Christmas Village is lovely. I'll enjoy watching all your projects grow.

  4. You made a lot of progress on your WIPs. I also love to have different WIPs on the go so that I can always choose the one that promises to be the most fun. AS you say - stitching is not for work but for pleasure.
    Congratulations on finishing the Christmas Village. PS has always been my favourite designer and Christmas Village is such a wonderful design.

  5. "My philosophy is that this is my hobby, not my work and so I make the "rules". " I agree entirely! You made some great progress this month. I'm signed up for the Story Time Sampler, too, but I haven't started yet. Still trying to decide about fabric. Yours looks great! (I apologize if this is a duplicate comment. My browser glitched as I tried to post the last one.)

  6. Lots of progress on all your WIPs and I looove the fabric for the CF Zodiac stitch! Congrats on finishing your Village too! It's always exciting to take a trip to the framers. :D

  7. Congrats on finishing your village, it looks great. I love the scissor fob, sunflowers are so cheerful.

  8. Congrats on lots of progress, I really love the fabric for the Zodiac and Storytime pieces. The card is very cute too!

  9. Hazel, I can't contact you, please e-mail me.

  10. Oh, I'm so happy to see your finished PS Village, Hazel. I have this one in my stash and definitely need to stitch it soon! I really enjoyed seeing your many WIPs and latest finishes, too :)

  11. You've made great progress in your projects this month. If you want to finish the John Clayton you could try the one length a day method. If not then I'd swap it! Those groups are such a good idea.
    Do you use two strands for the satin thread? If so, then you might be better having one long strand folded in half with the needle in the middle of the length, secure the two loose ends to the fabric and stitch with the needle secured by the thread. Hope that makes sense without a diagram! I always stitch like this because it stops the needle coming unthreaded.

  12. You've made lovely progress on everything. Your finishes are gorgeous.