Saturday, 28 February 2015

Stitch From Stash Update February 2015

Carried forward from January:£10.51
February budget: £20
Spent: £19.76
Carried forward to March:£14.26

Thanks to the post from Wyrd Needles on the Small SAL update for January I satisfied my craving for new patterns by downloading some of the freebies on the Cyberstitchers site.   There were more than enough designs I liked to keep me busy for the rest of the year.  For copyright reasons I can't show you any of the patterns but I hope to be able to show you at least 1 or 2 of the projects I plan to stitch from this great site.

I found 4 chart booklets for a total of £1.10 at the local charity shop.   Not sure I will ever stitch the Bessie Pease Gutmann but my Nana had one of these prints in her bedroom so I bought in memory of her

I have added to my stash this month but I believe that at least one purchase is exempt from the monthly calculation as it is part of a auto ship which I signed up for in 2013 (and should have been completed by now).

It is the delightful Shepherd's Fold series of kits from one of my favourite designers, Shepherd's Bush.  This is number 4 in the series of 6.

You can see the rest of the designs in the series here and hopefully the completed items on this blog at some time in the future.........................

The other items added to my stash were also from Shepherd's Bush - the 2014 stocking and charm pack which I ordered from The Crafty Kitten last year but I was only invoiced this month.   In the spirit of Stitch from Stash I will include this purchase in my calculations.

Isn't it gorgeous?  I have stitched at least a dozen of these delightful stockings and still don't have them for DH and me.  So even though I don't have a plan to stitch this one immediately I wanted to add it to my collection for inspiration purposes.

The pattern and charms came with my monthly fabric fix from The Crafty Kitten  I was lucky enough to receive an annual subscription to one of  Dawn's Fabric of the Month clubs so this is stash enhancement without any cost to me - I think that's allowed.

I finished one small piece from stash this month which gives me a credit of $4 which I've converted to £3.50.    The chart was from an old magazine and the aida and DMC from stash.  This little dancer is destined to be the centre of a cushion for a little dancer.

Most of my stitching time has been spent on my 3 SALs - Mirabilia's At the Met, Clouds Factory Zodiac Sampler and The Frosted Pumpkin Story Time Sampler.

I also made a start on one of the Blackbird Designs charts that were inspired by the Beatles (as mentioned in my January SFS update).   I started Blackbird and although I haven't had the chart for longer than 6 months the linen and the hand dyed thread both came from my stash so no pennies were spent on this project.

Other than that I've been quite restrained and have contented myself with updating my wish list but not actually buying.


  1. Lovely dancer, good spend within budget too :-)

  2. Your new SB chart is so sweet, Hazel, as is the little dancer finish! Glad you are finding it easy to stick to your stash :)

  3. I like Cyberstitchers too, though I find they can be a little hit or miss on patterns. Some are spectacular though, especially for freebies!

    That is such a great stocking! I think it would be a cute alternative to an Easter basket for little kids. :)