Monday, 11 May 2015

2015 WiPocalypse May 4

Time to check in with Measi on progress made on the WIPocalypse SAL.

The topic set for the May 4 check in (Star Wars Day) was;

"Do you find yourself more productive with stitching in summer or winter?"

I'm afraid my answer is going to be very boring as I don't think the season has any influence on my stitching output.  What impacts me is time and every season has time challenges.  For example 4th May was a Bank Holiday in the UK so a 3 day weekend.   Always very welcome although as usual I had more things I wanted to do than time to accomplish them all.  Monday was a glorious spring day  - perfect for stitching outside in the wonderful natural sunlight.  Except that after 2 days of rain I wanted to get some gardening done.  Winter might seem like a perfect season for stitching except that Christmas brings a host of extra activities and tasks.  And so it goes on.  I just try to fit in as much stitching as I can whatever the season.

Which brings me neatly to the subject of progress on my WIPs.

This month I managed to make reasonable progress on Mirabilia's At the Met and I was sorry to have to put her down and move onto completing the wedding sampler which had a deadline.

The Wedding Sampler (All You Need is Love) is now at the framers so I hope to be able to show it off in my Gifted Gorgeousness update and / or my Stitch from Stash update.

The Zodiac Sampler by Cloudsfactory has continued to frustrate me.   I really really dislike stitching with the satin floss so have only stitched a little bit more than last month.   I use Thread Heaven.  I use short lengths and a bigger eye needle.  I've tried dampening the floss.  Nothing stops it slipping and springing as well as shredding.    Never again!  It's such a shame as I really like the design and love the fabric I chose.    But at least I haven't given up and this check in is helping to prevent it becoming a UFO.

I have been far more successful at keeping up with the other monthly SAL - Story Time Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.

April's story was The Wizard of Oz and Dorothy and Toto were completed just ahead of the release of May's part which is Charlotte's Web.   I have stitched the frame and the spider.   A very appropriate story given the birth of Princess Charlotte on 2nd May.   I love the way that the theme of the story for the month isn't known in advance.   We have been promised The Lady of Shalott and Little Women (one of my favourite books from childhood) but the others will be a surprise.

I like to encourage wildlife in the garden and particularly birds.  So I decided to vote for Britain's National Bird     There is a short list of 10 and voting closes at the same time as voting in the General Election.  I voted for the Blackbird and so I decided to get out my Blackbird Designs piece and put in a few hours on that.

And finally I also managed a few stitches on The Way to Happiness.  The end is in sight for this one so I would like to be able to report a finish in next month's update.   Then I have to decide whether to stitch the French version ............


  1. Aww, it's a shame about the satin floss! It does look beautiful on that fabric though. It's fun watching these mystery samplers grow and all the little changes people have been adding to them.

  2. So much lovely progress this month...I love all of those designs!

    It's sad that the satin floss ruins stitching on the zodiac sampler for you...I know it's a shame with how much you have done already, but you could always rip out the satin floss and replace it with a DMC conversion or something else, couldn't you? It would be a temporary pain, but at least you could enjoy the sampler again after that!

  3. Some lovely designs here. I agree with Leonore, how much trouble would it be to frog the satin thread and start again? The fabric and design are too gorgeous to risk becoming a UFO.