Thursday, 14 August 2014

Mirabilia SAL 2015

MrsMilkyBarKids vlogs on You Tube are fascinating and one of them includes a suggestion for a SAL starting in January 2015 for Mirabilia designs - any design by the wonderful Nora Corbett.

I've stitched some Mirabilia designs in the past and they are among my very favourite pieces with Titania (stitched on opalescent pink hand dyed fabric) and Sleeping Beauty (stitched on lavender hand dyed linen) being 2 I would pick as designs which gave me great pleasure stitching them and then looking at them.  Although Titania is currently in residence at my parents' home as my Dad asked for it one year.

So I know how much time they take to stitch and I don't have anything like as much stitching time available at the moment as I did when I stitched the Mirabilias.  But I just couldn't resist the idea of the SAL, especially when I started to read about the choices of other stitchers.   So I've signed up and created an Instagram account which is where I will share my progress pics.   Just need to decided on which design and then collect the supplies together before January 1st.

If I was going to stitch one of the big designs then Cinderella would probably be top of the list

But that dress would take a long of stitching time.

The other larger design I am considering is Elizabeth

Still a lot of stitching but no background, not as many colours as some Mirabilia designs and not very many beads either.   I love the effect of beads but find they take me ages to do.

So I am considering stitching one of the mermaids.  I have stitched 3 and they don't take as long because their fins aren't as big as the dresses.

I have a piece of Polstitches fabric called Dolphin Delight which I would love to use for a mermaid.

Having spent some time on the Fabric Viewer site the 2 I think would be best on this fabric are Shimmering Mermaid and Mediterranean Mermaid.

And if life really gets in the way of a Mirabilia commitment then I will choose one of the smaller Nora Corbett designs with these 3 top of the list:  Gigi, Needle Fairy and Bluebell.

I would love to stitch them all one day.........

Any comments which might influence my final choice welcomed.


  1. Hello Hazel, I have a friend who has stitched a lot of Mirabilia designs and they are all so beautiful. I really would like to stitch one of the mermaids.

    1. Hi Sheryl, there are some smaller mermaid designs if you wanted to ease yourself in gently ....

  2. I'm joining along as well and only just made my final decision, which I'll post on my blog soon. It was a difficult choice but seeing the lovely fabric you have, I think Shimmering Mermaid would look really nice on it.

    1. Thank you for the comment.

      Looking forward to seeing your final choice.

      I have a feeling I may change my mind more than once before I finally commit in December.