Monday, 18 August 2014

Goodies from StitchyAngel

Saturday's post brought a wonderful package to my door.

I had started following StitchyAngel's blog and noticed she had a tab for Sale/Trade.  I looked at it expecting to see charts, perhaps fabric but no there were actual stitched items for sale.

I bought her set of 4 Mini Chatelaine Samplers and 3 needlerolls!

They arrived on Saturday morning and were beautifully packaged in tissue paper and I love them all.

They are beautifully stitched.

My home is full of stitched items - on walls, on surfaces and in use and although most of the items have been stitched by me I also have beautiful things from exchanges and round robins as well as a couple of pieces I have bought at Craft Shows.  These are mainly in techniques I don't do such as a lovely Tiger Lily in goldwork and some stunning landscapes in machine embroidery.  Plus most of my framing has been done by professionals and the only large quilt I have finished was professionally quilted on a long arm quilting machine.

The needlerolls will go into display of stitched "smalls" which includes needlerolls made by me and 1 received by me in an exchange.  The mini Chatelaines will go on the wall but I will need to move some things around to accommodate them.  I'm sure they will be much admired (and I always say when I haven't made them). Thank you Sally for sharing your lovely work.

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