Friday, 15 August 2014

2014 Smalls SAL

I know it's August but I only just found this SAL for Smalls so I have asked to join in

I'm not the sort of stitcher who likes to stitch on just one project at a time so I love to intersperse some of my bigger projects with little items that can be finished more quickly.
I also love to have little stitched items around the house - some to use such as scissor fobs, pincushions and needlecases and some just for display.  And of course they make lovely little gifts.
So the only thing to decide is which design to stitch for August.  I have a large collection of small freebie designs so will be looking through these at the weekend.  I keep small pieces of fabric in a separate box so will also be going through that.  It make take some time but I know I will enjoy it and will end up with more projects on my TO STITCH list.
My To Stitch list and my Stash suggest that I have found the secret of eternal life as I need to live to about 400 to stitch everything.


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you stitch.

    I think we all have to live to about 400 to stitch everything we have! Of course we still have to have more lol. It's a nice addiction though :)

  2. Well you won't be alone during those 400 years, I'll be around too! :-)