Monday, 16 February 2015

Valentine Blog Hop - belated

I am so sorry that I didn't post this lovely photo on Valentine's Day as I was supposed to.   Unfortunately "life" intervened with my plans.   We spent the day at my step daughter's and I saw (and showed to the family) the beautiful photo with the intention of updating my blog when we returned home late afternoon.   I don't know if it was the excitement or an allergic reaction to their dogs (or a bit of both) but DH wasn't well and we ended up getting the doctor out.  He still wasn't right yesterday and I have to confess that this commitment to the blog hop went right out of my mind and this is the first opportunity today that I have had to do the post.

So thank you to the stitcher who made these beautiful ornaments and sent me the photo.  They are so unusual and I love the colours.

I hope that Jo who arranged this will forgive me - you can see who else took part on her blog here 


  1. Hi! it's mine. Hope you both feel better now. Jo's Blop Hop is so great, I started saturday morning with australian blogs and check on sunday discovering a lot of new friends stitchers. Finally poppies were my Valentine flowers today. Best wishes.

  2. Those ornaments really are lovely...I'm sorry your day had to end like this, but I hope he feels alright again now :)

  3. Thanks for taking part in the Blog Hop this year, hope hubby is feeling better now.
    I loved the heart picture. It was nice to have some crafted pieces this year as well as cross stitch.